Welcome! Pleased to meet ya!

I'm Joel David Dominic Stitzel, Senior User Services Specialist for the University of Minnesota Office of Admissions in lovely Minneapolis, MN. I'm in charge of server and network administration, database development (with everybody's favorite "toy" dbase, FileMaker Pro), and internet (WWW, Email, FTP, DNS) development for the Office.

Oh yeah, I'm also a Macintosh user support guy--not just for the Office of Admissions, but for a growing subset of the University's Mac users (who would otherwise be left out in the cold at this Windows-happy institution). Ask me anything about Mac and third-party hardware, or the more than fifty software packages I support, and I'll undoubtedly confuse the hell out of you!

I used to be the Music Director of 770 Radio K, the grooviest college radio station in the universe. I've retired from my office job at Radio K, but on Sunday afternoons from 3 to 6 PM, I still host Cosmic Slop: The Forgotten Pop of the Seventies, wherein I play the best and the worst Seventies pop music from both sides of the Atlantic. As far as I know, it's the only place in the U.S. of A. that you can hear a lot of the stuff!

See a lovely, flattering photo of me in my office, and read all about me!

You can stop wringing your hands - I'm no longer planning on relocating to New York City. I am, however, just as mercenary as the next guy, so if you're a recruiter, headhunter, or employer of computer professionals, preferably with a Macintosh education or publishing slant, please take a look at my resume! I can do Mac user support and LAN/internet server administration, AppleTalk and TCP/IP networking support, database design, and high-level HTML work with ease.

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Joel Stitzel - joel@stitzel.com