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Radio Links - check 'em out!
  • Crap From the Past - What we do for the 70s, Ron "Boogiemonster" Gerber does for the 80s over at KFAI-FM, also here in Minneapolis. Check out his online show, updated weekly!
  • Reel Top 40 Radio Repository - Not only are we interested in music history, we're interested in broadcasting history as well. This site is an amazing collection of vintage Top 40 airchecks (DJ chatter) from the late 50s to the mid-80s. Requires RealAudio and at least a 28.8 modem connection.
  • Paul's Radio Museum - A site presented by a valve (tube) radio collector in the UK, the real meat of which is a slew of RealAudio snippets of classic UK radio, including late-60s pirates! The twelve-plus minute extract of Radio One aircheck highlights is absolutely essential listening for pop broadcastophiles!
  • The WorldWide Retro-Rock Request Show - Another outstanding RealAudio site, this is a weekly oldies request show originating out of British Columbia, carried via netcast and satellite to many and varied parts of the globe. It's a great use of the technology - Cosmic Slop oughta get on the bandwagon with 'em! Hint hint...
Prog Rock Links - feed your head!
  • The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock - The be-all and end-all of Prog info! Basically a compilation of various individuals' detailed and subjective mini-essays about a monstrous variety of progressive artists. Be prepared to spend some time at this site!
  • The Progressive Rock Web Site - A resource unto itself, certainly, with some comprehensive discographies and biographies of Prog groups past and present, but also valuable as a nexus of links to prog artists' and fans' homepages on the web!
70s Links - you'll laugh, you'll cry!
  • Dee-T's 70s Page - Cool resources galore! Video and audio clips! Links!
  • K-Todds' Super Great K-Tel Page - Holy smokes! Joel thought he might eventually have to create a totally comprehensive and anal K-Tel/Ronco record database, but the two Todds at K-Todds have done it already. There's another knot of 70s aficionados at the University of Minnesota, and they've done a monster job! Some international content, too; Cosmic Slop will have to weigh in with some of our favo(u)rites!

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