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A fine German Symphonic Prog outfit active throughout the mid-'70s and on into the '80s, Hoelderlin belies their usual "Krautrock" label with the grace and calm of their music.

The group was led by brothers Christian and Joachim Grumbkow, with woodwindist "Nopps" Noppeny leading their signature double-flute attack. Violin and guitar are in the forefront, but - even in the late 70s - they make ample use of mellotron. They made their album debut in 1972 with Hoelderlins Traum, and followed up with 1975's Hoelderlin, which is acknowledged to be their masterpiece. In 1978, they released Live/Traumstadt, a very well-played live album. In the words of one critic, "This was one tight band."

After some shakeups in the band's lineup, they released further albums in the early '80s, including New Faces, though they pale alongside their heroic "first-period" output.

Our Prog Rock Corner selection for 10/6/96 was "Sun Rays", from Hoelderlin's 1978 live LP, Live/Traumstadt.


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Our impression of "Sun Rays":

Mellow and smooth, like Days of Future Passed-era Moody Blues. The mellotron works its magic, creating a very happening atmosphere. The fanatical hometown crowd shows its approval at the end of the piece, chanting "Hoelderlin! Hoelderlin!" as if they were football heroes! Not a bad piece of work...

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