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Silly Sisters
Silly Sisters is a collaboration between Maddy Prior, vocalist of Steeleye Span, and June Tabor, the queen of British folk. Originally formed in 1976, during a hiatus in Steeleye Span's recording activity, the "group" was more or less a glorified excuse for a hootenanny, with two of Britain's finest female folk vocalists (Prior from the more "progressive" camp and Tabor from the more "trad") teaming up for rousing versions of traditional ballads and rave-ups.

On the 1977 album, Silly Sisters, they were joined by Steeleye Span's Martin Carthy (later associated with the Pogues) among a host of other capable musicians. Most often, either Prior or Tabor takes a "lead" role in a song, with the other providing backup, but on a few tracks, like "My Husband's Got No Courage In Him", a harrowing (from the male perspective) a capella lament, they both shine equally alongside each other.

In 1988, Silly Sisters released a second album, No More to the Dance. Prior remains busy with solo projects and with occasional Steeleye Span reunions, while Tabor, a solo artist by trade (and a librarian and restauranteur, or is that restaurantrix?, to boot) has collaborated in recent years with The Oyster Band.

Our Prog Rock Corner selection for 9/29/96 was "My Husband's Got No Courage In Him", from the 1977 release Silly Sisters.


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Our impression of "My Husband's Got No Courage In Him":

Yikes! If a 1977-vintage June Tabor or Maddy Prior can't get him excited, he's got major problems! A charming song, even if it is kind of mean...

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