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Jethro Tull
Jethro Tull first formed in 1968 in their hometown of Blackpool, England, naming themselves after the 18th-century inventor of the seed drill. The group ruled 70's FM/Album-Oriented-Rock radio with non-hit "hits" such as "Aqualung", "Living In the Past", "Locomotive Breath", and "Thick As a Brick". They curiously and controversially won the first-ever "Best Heavy Metal Recording" Grammy award for their 1987 LP Crest of a Knave. And there was much rejoicing...

The group has been led since the beginning by everybody's favorite furry flutist and codpiece-wearin' elf, Ian Anderson. The membership of the group has been a revolving door situation for over 25 years, but they carry on to this day, including the new album, ROOTS TO BRANCHES (on Chrysalis Records). It's their first new recording in four years. They are also on tour this year with fellow prog monsters, the reunited Emerson, Lake and Palmer (including a date here in Minneapolis on 9/10/96 at Northrop Auditorium).

Our Prog Rock Corner selection for July 28, 1996 was "Songs From the Wood" off the album of the same name, released in 1977.


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Our impression of "Songs From the Wood":

Runs the full gamut of Renaissance - Prog musical stylings -- from close harmony to classical pastiche to bombastic guitar noodling. Enjoy the charmingly "rustic" lyrics and loping rhythms. Huzzah!

And if you're looking for more, here's an obnoxious wealth of Tull Tidbits!:

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