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Roger Waters & Ron Geesin
In 1970, Roger Waters of the Pink Floyd, along with his friend Ron Geesin, a puckish experimental musician much in the Yoko Ono mold, created Music From The Body, the soundtrack to a documentary film about the human body.

Like a hippy-trippy "Nova" episode, the film explores the various organs and systems of the body, close-up and in blazing color. The music of the film (and album) is for the most part sedate and gentle, with moments of bizarre noise and sound experimentation - very similar to Waters' contributions to the Floyd's contemporary LP, Ummagumma.

Containing songs with titles like "March Past of the Embryos", and "More Than Seven Dwarfs in Penis-Land", the album might strike the listener as little more than a lark - if not for the presence of lovely, poetic moments like "Seashell and Stone" (i.e. the skeletal system), and the related "Breathe" (arguably a very early, very sketchy appearance of the classic from Dark Side of the Moon, in appropriately "embryonic" form).

Our Prog Rock Corner selection for 9/15/96 was "Our Song" from the 1970 release Music From The Body.


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Our impression of "Our Song":

A mish-mash of actual "body noises" wrapped around Geesin's boogie-woogie piano. Hands slapping on flesh keep the rhythm, while baby gurgles, armpit squeaks, and rumbles from the thunder-mug punctuate periodically. It was probably a real hassle to assemble this kind of fast-paced audio collage way back in 1970. It's guaranteed to bring a smile to any thirteen-year-old's face!

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